Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dressmaker, Dressmaker. . .

I started my fashion design company when I was 29 years old. And I really could have been pursuing my dream from a much younger age, but I was in serious denial initially. I have loved the beauty and glamour of fashion since I was a kid. But as I grew up I could not even begin to imagine my life as a fashion designer. I was good in art. And sure, I had taken in my pant legs as a teen so that they were not bell bottoms (this was the ‘80’s- HELLO!) and altered a couple of my daddy’s old suits from the attic to wear in high school. But a career as a fashion designer seemed beyond my reach and beyond my realm of understanding. Back then and certainly pre-Project Runway, that career path seemed foreign to me. But then as a young adult I decided to pursue my dream and attend Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) here in New York, yet I lacked the skills and the confidence to finish my first sewing class. My professor was a crotchety, jaded old witch who put us on blast and announced early on in the semester that many of us would not become the great American fashion designers we had envisioned. Was it her way of weeding out the wannabes from the want-it-badly-enough? I am not sure, but soon thereafter I dropped out packing up my sewing gear, pencils, markers, and sketch pads and tucking it away in the closet for a couple years until I got the courage to try and prove myself. To this day, I cannot drape, sew well, or make a pattern. And I even auditioned for Project Runway’s first season before anyone knew that it was essential to the show’s premise to possess the technical skills. But I do not let my handicap prevent me from pushing on through. I just work with tailors and seamstresses who got game.

Today, I purchased the denim for my cocktail dresses that will hopefully be in stores in spring 2010. I am beyond elated! Every single step in the process is a milestone for me! I have been working with someone really closely for the last 5 years or so who I have grown to respect and love that can also sew her ass off. Unfortunately, her path is leading her away from fashion and so I must find someone else who can help me realize my vision. But I still do not look at this development as a reason to try to learn to sew. The hours it takes to create a pattern and construct the garment are hours I simply cannot spare. But I will press on. After all, my dream depends on it.

Peace & Fashion!

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