Sunday, March 22, 2009


Remember George Michael's song Faith? George is really singing about having faith to stick with a woman who puts his heart through the wringer just because he loves her. My relationship with Lady Fashion is a lot like the one in that song. And so I have adopted it as my anthem. Oftentimes when I find myself stuck in a work situation that threatens the flow of creativity I will start singing, "'Cause you gotta have faith, faith, FAITH!" And it does not always quiet the storms, but I have learned to be patient with myself.
Several years ago, a very dear woman named Joan Mansbach who is in public relations approached me about creating an original design utilizing interior fabrics from a company called Robert Allen. I had informed her of my endeavors in the world of fashion and she immediately thought of me for this project. So I just let my imagination rip. As a result, I received my very first mention in a publication. I was so psyched! It meant that I was doing something that was actually of interest to someone other than my friends and family. Never mind that it was in an obscure trade newspaper called Home Fashion Network that nobody but industry types read. It was a start. But when I went to the publisher's bustling and cavernous office to request a copy of the article, I felt inconsequential like a little fish in a big pond. My self-doubt got the best of me. The woman who pulled the issue for me said, "Congratulations." I told her that it probably wasn't such a big deal and that I was sure she had seen many who had done a lot more than me. The mother in her surfaced as she reassured me that this was just the beginning and there were going to be many more times when someone would write about me. Wow. If this woman whom I had never met could have this kind of faith in me, then I could certainly muster up the faith in myself. As my fashion journey has led me down a path to some career highs and some lows, I try to never forget the lesson that I learned from that experience. I gotta have faith.

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."
- Hebrews 11:1
Holy Bible (KJV)
Peace & Fashion!

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  1. I so enjoyed "full circle" Fashion Dude! It is a perfect reminder of the importance of giving back and I commend you.