Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Celebrity Slippery Slope

Let's face it - most of us love celebrities. They are glamorous and beautiful. They live storied lives in big mansions (I know you've seen MTV's Cribs), fly in private jets, and enjoy the adulation of millions. When we watch them on Jay Leno or Live with Regis & Kelly they share cute anecdotes that cause us to swoon or smile broadly. Secretly we want them to be our friends. But all is not over the rainbow in CelebrityLand, Dorothy.
I once had the opportunity to create an outfit for a rhythm-n-blues legend. She is a diva whose gospel-tinged voice is beyond compare. I have seen her perform live so many times I could recite her every concert move. Our first meeting was in a luxury hotel where she stays while visiting New York. I was so excited that it all seemed so surreal. Subsequent to our introduction, I sent her some sketches. She chose one and I immediately started the ball rolling. But before any fabric could be bought, I needed a 50% deposit for the outfit. She did not want to pay. She explained that Donna Karan gave her free clothes. I had to inform her that I did not helm a multi-million dollar company like DK, but I would be happy to extend a courtesy on the cost. She thanked me and promptly sent me a check for $400. That money was funneled to purchase fabric and pay my seamstress. A week or so later said music phenom/Grammy winner was back in NY and we did her fitting in the ladies bathroom of a midtown Manhattan restaurant. A week or so after that the completed outfit was rushed to her overnight by our very own United States Postal Service. Only problem was that it was lost! What to do?! A couple of days later it turned up, but it was already too late for her to sport it on stage for a concert here in New York. However, she was extremely gracious and comped me 4 tickets for the show. In the end, I am not sure if she ever wore my outfit. There are no photos to prove that I actually had my measuring tape around her waist. And asking her for the remainder of the balance seemed unjust so I just ate the cost.
There are more celebrity stories to share. One story in particular that comes to mind is about the daughter of a beloved tv actress and Tony winner who I asked to be my muse. Long story short, she made off with several custom pieces from me without so much as a "Thank You". And then she refused to take my calls. She is now performing in an off-Broadway play. I might have to head to City Center Stage One and scold her about her bad behavior. Hey, don't be surprised if you see me on the 11 o'clock news! Just kidding. . .

Peace & Fashion!

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