Thursday, April 28, 2011


Those of you who are part of my facebook family already know that my reality show audition did not go as I had hoped.  In fact, I was not chosen for the new venture that is supposed to air on NBC in the near future.  I had really hoped for a better showing, but I couldn't really shine in the five minutes that I was alotted with the casting director as another hopeful sat beside me waiting her turn.  I'd prepared my samples, had my sister print out our images and bind them into a neat folder, and gathered anything I felt represented my best work as a plus size womenswear designer.  I had even asked my model friend DeeDee B. to join me wearing one of my creations so that the casting people could get a clearer idea of my aesthetic as it hung on a live person.  I was psyched!

First, my casting person, Kim, didn't even remember that I had applied online, but recalled the application of the hopeful beside me.  That was not a good sign!  DeeDee B. was not even allowed into the room and Kim was not interested in seeing any of my samples.  As she browsed through a couple of photos, she began asking me about my upbringing.  She seemed more interested in the fact that my father succumbed to cancer in 1994 and that my mother was now battling the disease.  Needless to say, when I walked out of my "interview" I did not have a good feeling.  After an almost four-hours-long wait, I could not help but feel that my time would have been better served doing something else.  To date, I have auditioned for almost every fashion reality show that has ever aired on televison with the number of hours wasted totaling approximately 26.  And the reality is that reality is just not my strong point.  So next time you read that I am considering trying out for another show, just send me a polite little note asking, "Wilbur, are you on crack?!?!"  I thank you in advance.

Peace & Fashion!

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