Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lean On Me

As I recovered from the excitement of Full-Figured Fashion Week which ended on Sunday, I had to reacclimate myself with my work groove.  And then I began to hit panic mode.  I awakened to the reality that time is quickly flying by and we still have not yet secured a corporate sponsor whose generous donation will fund our September launch.  I have survived panic mode in the past - BARELY.  It's really not attractive because it usually leads to desperation.  And desperation is the ultimate fashion faux pas of which I have been guilty of on more than one occasion.  I thought it prudent to seek the counsel of  a couple of acquaintances who are industry movers & shakers to see if they could possibly direct me to potential resources who might be able to assist with my company's financial shortage.  Yet, after sending them beseeching online messages, all I've gotten in return is the sound of crickets.  You know, when all you get is silence - save for the crickets whose melody informs you that your voice may have fallen on deaf ears.  It's just a little observation I picked up from my early days of watching Daffy Duck get no love on those Bugs Bunny cartoons.  Earlier this week I expressed my concern to my sister, Ashanti who is the company's Communications Director.  She confided that she'd also worried about our window of opportunity slowly shutting.  And today when we received news from one of our prospective corporate partners that their plans, which do not include Sorta Kinda Enterprises, are already pretty much set for the rest of the year, it was somewhat of a let down.  My sister, who is my partner, friend, and confidant then said something that silenced the voice of panic that had been rising up inside my head.  To paraphrase, she told me that we are going to be a success with this line of tailored dresses for the plus size woman.  The embrace from the plus size community supports it.  So success is already a given.  Our timeline may have to be adjusted, but we are going to move forward as best we can with the resources that are available to us so that we are prepared when the time comes.  I am not sure where my baby sister came from with all that knowledge, but she reminded me to continue to believe in the dream so that we can make it a reality.  There is surely power in words.  And Ashanti has spoken.

Peace & Fashion!


  1. Just wondering if you would design denim for ppl? I read that you love working with denim, I have design ideas for a denim line, but CAN'T sew a stich!! I have the business/marketing/ and fashion sense, but not the sewing skills. Would you consider a business opportunity of this sort?

    Thank you!!

  2. Hey there, R! I don't sew either. I employ seamstresses and sample makers to help me with that part of the business. If you like and you reside in NYC, please call me and I will give you the names of a few who have worked with me. Good Luck with everything!
    Peace & Fashion. . .

  3. Divo, I know things get rough in this struggle to achieve your dream, but nothing worth having ever really comes easily. Your drive, determination and creativity is admirable and you WILL succeed. I'd have to say you're pretty damn fabulous! Stay focused.


  4. Ashanti is right - the Curvy Community supports you!, and just remember God does not give you more than you can bear.