Friday, June 4, 2010

Fashion Persists

On Memorial Day, I paid my respects to the Motherland by taking a short trip to the African Street Festival - the annual celebration of African culture held at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM). My best friend, Donelle, invited me to join her and her daughter (my goddaughter), Anaya, and our friend, Lisa, for the festivities. My sister, who is a Brooklyn resident, also joined us. I hadn't been in so many years. I think the last time was when I had my own Brooklyn address on Washington Avenue. So I was really happy to be hanging with the ladies as we browsed rows and rows of booths filled with African garb, jewelry, art, and other sundries. I was inspired by the beauty and majesty of all the richly colored fabrics and vibrant baubles and plucked a number of business cards from a few vendors. These wares will be added to the mix of accessories for the collection I am currently working on. There were the typical food vendors as well who sold fresh fruit, corn on the cob, cakes and pies, the ubiquitous funnel cake, and freshly squeezed fruit juices. And although the sun was merciless as it beamed down on us, everyone was pleasant and cordial. In fact, there was a real sense of community as we greeted vendors with a friendly hello and passersby with a smile. It would be nice to spread that feeling all over New York everyday. But then, I guess, it wouldn't be New York.
Today is my niece Samarra's 6th birthday. And you may ask why I am mentioning it in the context of ". . .Odyssey." Truth be told, she probably has little to do with my journey. But Samarra is such a little fashionista who appreciates the feminine side of dressing preferring to wear frilly dresses and cute shoes. And, of course, I encourage it because you can never have too much fashion in your life. Even when you are 6 years old. And when you see that kind of fastidious attention to style at an early age, you know there is an icon in the making. Happy Birthday, Samarra! May you continue to wave your fashion flag.
Peace & Fashion!

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