Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dress You Up In My Love

I am really looking forward to the photo shoot planned for Saturday. It is the culmination of months of painstaking attention to detail. From the craftsmanship of the finishes on the inside of each garment to the shiny metal belt buckles that I spotted on ebay, I have made it my mission to create something truly special that honors the history of great designers while applying my own imprint. A few times along the way I've questioned my reasons for taking on such an endeavor. Because, quite honestly, all of it is really headache inducing. In fact, there have been disquieting moments that have awakened me from my sleep. Yet I always come to the same conclusion. I do it because I love it. So when these dresses hit the racks of better stores this coming Spring, women will be able to sense that every stitch, every zipper, and every little detail is made of Wilbur's love. And I just want to dress you up in my love.

Peace & Fashion!

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