Thursday, June 28, 2012

When The Fake Fur Flies

Yes, it's true, I've been out of the blogging mix for awhile now.  And I've been quiet on purpose.  Frankly, I am just tired of writing about my money woes.  And my lack of money was heavy on my brain and my heart.  You just didn't need to read another post about it, because I know everybody's in the same proverbial boat.

Photo Courtesy of Richard Lew
I really relied on the universe to provide the pathway to eliminating my $8000 deficit for my samples.  I prayed, fasted, and meditated.  There were tears and a couple of sleepless nights.  In the end, the money came at the last minute from a resource that I have called on before.  Every door and window was shut, except this one and I am really grateful.  Just imagine if you had come to see my runway presentation and all I had to show were a couple of dresses and some really pretty drawings.  That's just not the look.

Photo Courtesy of Richard Lew

Photo Courtesy of Alec Turner

Ashanti in SK WiLBUR original
design with model
MariJo and Wilbur

Photo Courtesy of Richard Lew

Full Figured Fashion Week was an AWESOME experience.  It was validating for me as a designer and empowering to the hundreds of Curvies who descended upon NYC for the occasion.  It started with a "Meet The Press" Event for all of the designers.  All of the bloggers and people from the media got a chance to meet Ashanti and me up close and personal.  There were also PR people there from some of the cable networks.  We are looking to get more involved with TV.  There was an All White Attired Cruise around NYC, a fashion show at the Bloomingdale's flagship on 59th street, a networking party where I got to meet new people and reconnect with some of my industry friends, and then the Independent Designer's Runway Showcase where my pieces came down the runway.  It was all like a whirlwind.

Blogger Gaelle-Vanessa Prudencio
in a custom
SK WiLBUR look and Wilbur

But work is never-ending.  And I love it!  If you haven't heard, we're trying to get all of our friends on facebook to vote for SK WiLBUR at so that we can become eligible for a $250,000 business grant from Chase.  If you haven't voted yet, please vote now.  And if you have friends on facebook, please urge them to vote for us, too. We're pretty close to the goal.

I have already begun work on my Spring 2013 collection.  The working title is "CLANDESTINY".  It's all about looking chic from day to evening, of course.  But I wanted my muse to be a little more vampy, sexier,  for that lunch break tryst.  Sounds scandalous, right?!  A lady's got to be prepared, no matter the circumstance.  If she's wearing SK WiLBUR, she always is.

That's it for now!  Don't forget to VOTE.  We'll chat soon.  I promise.

Peace & Fashion!

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