Thursday, April 26, 2012


So it's time for the big reveal.  It's really just a preview of what's to come.  But I am so excited, I cannot keep it to myself any longer.  This is EYE CANDY by SK WiLBUR.

Since no man is an island, I must ackowledge my team for the wonderful job they did to bring my vision to fruition.  The models are Nicole Z., my mother Barbara, and my niece Samarra and my nephew Nile.  I cast myself as Wilbur "Wonka".  My make up artist, Lisa Warner, created the make up looks based on "The Hunger Games" and Old Hollywood photos.  My fashion stylist, Denardo Jenkins, gave suggestions that were inspired.  He also helped accessorize the models and the set as well.  My hairstylist, Michelle Swiney, went above and beyond the call of duty when she visited my mother to do the initial work on her hair two days prior and then was on set bright and early to touch her style up and create beautiful hair for Nicole and Samarra.  My cake stylist, Louisa Harris, unleashed her creativity to come up with two beautiful mock-up cakes for the shoot.  My cousin, Alicia, was my candy stylist who brought an assortment of sweets for display.  My sister, Ashanti, who is my right hand (sometimes my left) baked the cupcakes and was responsible for the Eye Candy posters.  She assisted everybody on set as well.  And lastly, my sister-in-law, Rebecca Rodriguez, who is the official photographer for SK WiLBUR - Sorta Kinda Enterprises, LLC always brings the heat with her trained eye and her incredible photoshop skills.

We almost never hear about the behind-the-scenes crew, but it's such an integral part of creating an image.  I love my team and I depend on them.  Let's continue to ROCK ON!

Peace & Fashion!


  1. Great job Wilbur Wonka! LOL..

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! Billy Wonka I'm SO excited for you!! Your model and your Mom look beautiful!! Your niece and nephew are gorgeous and SO yummy!!! Simply outstanding!!