Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sitting This One Out

Latest Handbag Creation from SK WiLBUR

This February, for NY Fashion Week, I won't be producing a runway show or presentation of my Fall 2012 collection.  In the past, I've had bouts with feelings of inadequacy because I believed that I was just falling short of the prize.  Not being able to be a part of the twice yearly fashion fray for financial reasons (it costs a lot to mount even the smallest of spectacles), I would live vicariously through the daily coverage in newspapers or try my best to ignore it altogether.  I was like the kid in school who missed the class field trip and was left out of the conversation with my peers because it was all they were talking about.  Call it peer pressure for the fashion set.  Even now, I wish I could be a part of the NY Fashion Week game instead of being a bench warmer.  But I am no longer grappling with those feelings of inadequacy that used to plague me.  I don't feel the same kind of pressure any more because now I am playing the fashion game on my own terms.  It is far more important to begin laying the foundation for a revamped and dazzling website for September where our goal is to increase website traffic and grow our customer base.  Besides, after all that work of staging and casting and inviting and styling, the payoff is sometimes not worth the headache.

Creatively, I am in a great place.  I am just waiting for the Curvies of the world to fully support what I do.  And then it's on and poppin'!  And God willing, I won't have to sit out another NY Fashion Week again.

Peace & Fashion! 

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