Wednesday, February 1, 2012

24 Hours A Day of Fashion

I was supposed to write something yesterday.  But between watching the Michael Jackson homage on "Glee" and sewing another handbag, I missed my mark.  If only I could have more than 24 hours in a day.  As Miss Scarlet said, "Tomorrow is another day."  And so, alas, here I am on my tomorrow.

I have had to come down from my reality TV high and get back to reality, actually.  So yesterday, after I did my time at the plantation, George (my incredibly skilled tailor) and I met with my new favorite model, Nicole Z.  She really is quite lovely and when you've found someone like her, a fitting, while it is work, really can be a lot of fun.  It's like having your own live version of a curvy Barbie doll and you get to change her outfits including shoes, hosiery, and jewelry.  Each time I work on a collection, when I see the clothes begin to take shape a giddiness starts to set in.  Yesterday really was no exception.

Next week is the beginning of NY Fashion Week.  I won't be doing a presentation of any kind and the collection won't even be finished until next month, finances notwithstanding.  My business partners and I are looking to use the money that we would use for a presentation more wisely when we revamp our website for a late August/early September re-launch.  But in the meantime, the boutique at is still open for business.  So why don't you stop buy and order a fabulous dress or an amazing handbag?!

Peace & Fashion!

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