Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Which Way Do I Turn?

Anna D. wears SK WiLBUR
available at skwilbur.com
Everybody is feeling the funk as a result of this challenging economy, including yours truly!  My business partners, Ashanti and Serosh, and I thought that if we built it, the curvy women would come, with credit cards in hand, in droves.  I mean, that is what they told us after the JET magazine article ran.  But it has only been a mediocre response, at best, with only a sprinkling of full-figured women expressing interest.

Each season I do my best to really capture the trends while creating looks that will  compliment a fuller woman's body.  I visit high end stores to research what is being sold, not just in plus size departments, but in contemporary and designer departments, too.  But for my Spring 2012 collection Out of the Dark, I made an extra effort to use design elements that would appeal to a curvy woman's aesthetic while camouflaging the "problem" areas.  The buyers at the major department stores told me that marketing to the curvy customer is challenging.  They weren't kidding!  Now, as an e-tailer, I am seeing it firsthand for myself.

But something's got to give.  Moving forward, my team and I are looking for ways to refine our image and carve out a niche for ourselves in the marketplace.  I don't think the idea is to slash prices as much as it is to continue to offer BOLD, MODERN, and CLASSIC fashion with value.  Stay tuned as we begin to implement subtle changes.  And if you know of any curvy woman in need of a fabulous dress, please direct her to www.skwilbur.com.

Peace & Fashion!

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