Friday, May 13, 2011

It's A Wonderful Life

Sometimes I feel like I am writing more about my disappointments instead of my triumphs. My frustration with some of my setbacks is palpable, to be sure. Yet, I wake up each morning blessed that I have another opportunity to move toward my goals.

A few days ago, Plus-Sized Supermodel, Mia Amber Davis, died suddenly as the result of a blood clot after undergoing minor knee surgery. She was only 36 years old. I met her a couple of years ago when she was the moderator for Queens Fashion Week. I was still designing dresses for the 0-12 sized woman. She met me backstage before the show to learn a little about me, so that she could polish up her introduction. After she had asked all the pertinent questions and looked over my rack of samples, she looked me in the eye and queried, “What about us plus size girls? Where are the dresses for us?” Although I had always planned on designing a line for the fuller woman, I’d put it off because I thought that my road to success began with straight sizes and I was still struggling to make a name for myself. I answered her, “I’ve gotta crawl before I can walk, but I promise it’s coming.” She gave me a look like she only half believed me and nodded her head saying, “Okay,” before she moved on to learn about the other designers in the show. A year later when I presented my inaugural collection for the curvy woman, I invited her to attend. We hugged and kissed before I told her, “See, I did it.” She smiled approvingly and told me that she thought I had done a great job.

Mia was a trailblazing force in the curvy community and by example she demonstrated that beauty and poise come in a variety of sizes. She kicked down doors and excelled as an actress starring in the film Road Trip, TV producer, and the creative editor-at-large for the premier online publication Plus Model Magazine. An inspiration to me and countless others, Mia’s life exemplified what it means to live your life to the fullest. She was happily married and she was loved by her family and by an industry that idolized her for her beauty, but embraced her for her kindness. Hers truly was a wonderful life.

Peace & Fashion!

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