Thursday, August 15, 2013

If Oprah Asked Me

Oprah & Me - The Dynamic Duo
By now, I am sure you've heard all the brouhaha concerning Oprah being dissed by a sales associate at a high end store in Switzerland.  Apparently the talk show titan/philanthropist/cable network owner/actress/billionaire wanted to see a handbag costing about $38,000 and was told that she couldn't afford it.  While I don't have anything that high end in my collection, I've got plenty of fabulosity and one thing to say, "Oprah, I've designed lots of bags and you can see any style you want!"  So if you happen to see Ms. O, just whisper in her ear that SK WiLBUR is ready, willing, and able to tend to her pocketbook needs.

Spotted Fur
Brown Tweed
Burberry Menswear


In keeping with my theme and focused on the grooviest, on-trend use of materials - menswear fabrics, leather, and faux fur, here is another sneak peek of a purse style that will be available from the SCANDAL Collection by SK WiLBUR this fall.  I think the chocolate leather and Donegal wool tweed nicely play off the spotted faux fur.  And the braided leather strap and gold metal hardware give it a luxe look.  Do you think it's a winner?  Weigh in and let me know.  And check out some of the fierce images that inspired this piece.
Peace & Fashion!