Monday, August 27, 2012

Celebrating In Style

My mother in her
"Birthday Suit"
This week the career takes a back seat as my siblings and I celebrate my mother's 70th birthday.  It's a huge occasion for us because many from both sides of my family have not lived long enough to see this age.  In fact, my great Aunt Edie who turns 80 next year and my mother are the only "chosen" ones so far.  To commemorate the celebration, I, of course, designed a dress for the old girl.  It will also be included in the Spring 2013 collection I am calling Clandestiny.  It's all color blocked saffron and marigold linen with a cotton ikat thrown in for good measure.  Here's a sneak peek and a lovely photo of the two eldest family members.  Stay tuned and I will keep you posted on all the festivities.

Peace & Fashion!
My mother and my Aunt Edie

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