Thursday, July 19, 2012

Everybody Is A Star

Last Saturday, I stood on line among other designer hopefuls for almost three hours  for a chance to be a competitor on the next season of NBC's Fashion Star.  Truth be told, I was a little disappointed with the outcome of my stint on "24 Hour Catwalk".  I may have lost, but I was the most graceful and distinguished loser in the history of reality TV.  I fully expected to be hounded by TV executives looking to add a more polished flavor to the reality TV landscape.  Surely the popularity of all this Jersey Shore Real Housewives Basketball Wives foolishness is waning and viewers are ready to get back to good old fashioned values.  Apparently NOT!  I have not even been approached by a production intern.  So I've continued to work on the plantation in the mornings and pursue my fashion dreams afternoons, evenings, and weekends.

Last year when I auditioned for Fashion Star, it was pure chaos and disorganization.  No wonder I wasn't chosen!  How does one stand out from all the noise and mayhem?  Clearly, I could not be heard over the din.  This time, however, it was completely organized making my chances at being selected much stronger.

I approached the task with vim and vigor.  I got all artsy craftsy and made mood boards which creatively displayed my inspiration for my EYE CANDY collection with images of Alice in Wonderland and a still from "The Hunger Games" along with my sketches and catchy phrases like Sweet Sophistication and Mouth Watering Style.  I packed up my strongest pieces and brought along some pieces from my FINE AND DANDY collection so the judges could see that I wasn't just a one note designer.  I can do fierce and fabulous for the smaller sized divas, too!  I was determined to get a spot on this next season.

Almost two weeks ago, my honey had bought be a new pair of shoes, but I refused to wear them fearing I might scuff them prior to the audition.  Hey, I need to look polished and fabulous as well.  I shaved my head when I woke up that morning giving me that just shaved Black Mr. Clean gleam.  Although I had not stuck to my commitment to drop some weight prior to the big day, there was no way in the world that the judges would be able to pass me over this time.  I was ready to W-I-N!

When I got to the head of the line, I was still cool as a cucumber.  After all, this is what I am destined to do.  I got my application and was escorted into the hotel where everything was happening.  Then I was seated in a waiting area along with about 15 others as we listened patiently for our numbers to be called.

When they called 173, I made my way into the small room where numbered tables were set up in front of rolling racks.  I excitedly unpacked all my pieces and laid out my look books and mood boards and waited for one of the judges to approach me.  Jennifer introduced herself.  I pulled each look from the rack and explained my inspiration.  After I showed her the clean, professional workmanship on my pieces, she nodded and said another judge would be coming over to talk to me.   When the next judge came over, I animatedly explained my aesthetic and showed her the pieces, too.  She asked me, "Are you from New York?"  I answered, "Born and bred from Queens. Woo!  Woo!"  She smiled and exclaimed, "You certainly have a lot of energy."   My tongue-in-chic response was, "I hope it's a good thing."  When she asked if I had auditioned for any other reality shows.  I told her of my stint on "24 Hour Catwalk".  As she scribbled some notes, I cheekily added, "I hope you don't hold that against me."  We chatted briefly about how we didn't think there was going to be another season of "24. . ." and she finished by saying, "Okay, we'll be in touch."

I haven't heard from them since.  Each day my hope of becoming the next Fashion Star dwindles a little more.  But this is not the end of the road.  Tailor made opportunities for me are on the horizon.  I can just feel it.

Peace & Fashion!


  1. 1. I'm glad you went to the audition, sorry about the non-responsiveness.
    2. You look stunning in those beautiful shoes. Another pair that you & I agree on:)
    3. God is preparing you for your big opportunity.
    4. We wish the best for you and your "honey":)

    1. Thank you, Anonymous, for your very encouraging words and for the best wishes for my honey and me. I really appreciate it. More than anything, this journey has been a lesson in patiencce and perseverance.

  2. Fashion is completely capricious. I do admire you for persevering! I could never.

    1. Motozulli,

      I agree - Fashion is completely capricious. But I also believe that trends are dictated by a select few. I wish I was more connected to those "dictators" of fashion and I was invited to the table populated by the cool kids. But I remain steadfast because I feel that it is my calling. I'm sure that you press forward with whatever you are passionate about too. My thing just happens to be fashion.

  3. I absolutely agree with the 2 previous comments! Billy your time is coming!!! And you look absolutely YUMMY!!! I love the shoes!!!

    1. Thanks Anonymous! I like YUMMY (all caps and exclamation points)! I can feel me stepping into my moment very soon, too.