Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Like A Great Bra

Wilbur, Dee Dee, & Ashanti at WWD book signing party.

I may be experiencing some issues with finding a distribution channel so that my dresses are available for women living outside of New York City.  But I refuse to dwell on what I do not yet have and instead focus on what must be done next.  I am impassioned by my efforts to bring more fashion to the curvy woman and I know that the universe is creating a pathway for that to happen.  In the meantime, I press forward and rely heavily on my circle of sisters, the wonderful women who comprise the curvy fashion community and nurture my creativity and support me emotionally.

Keicia Derry wears WILBUR.  Photo: Jeff Fasano

On Monday afternoon, I had lunch with Tara Taylor. A makeup artist with limitless talent, I'd spotted her work posted on facebook.  Talk about beautiful!  I was awestruck.  And she is more lovely as a person than her skills could ever be.  We officially met at the 5 year anniversary celebration for another plus designer, Monif C., a couple of weeks ago.  And I told her that I just had to have her share her talents on my next project.  And so she's agreed to collaborate as I prepare my collection for Fall 2011.  But more than the work, Ms. T was there with assurance to let me know that, despite my less-than-stellar showing with Bloomingdale's, there is a plan and I just have to remain steadfast and focused.  After our 3-hour afternoon chat fest, I felt like there was a renewed sense of hope.  And for that I was grateful.

Wilbur & The Curvy Fashionista - Marie Denee

During our meeting, Tara informed me that The Curvy Fashionista, a blogger who'd written a lovely post about me a little over a month ago, was going to be in town.  I begged her to arrange a face-to-face meeting since The Curvy Fashionista, nee Marie Denee is west coast based and I wasn't sure when the next opportunity might arise.  Tara, who is connected to everybody fabulous in the curvy community, reached out to Madeline Figueroa-Jones, the founder and the creative mind behind the online glossy Plus Model Magazine.  It just so happens that the ladies along with Alissa, Ms. Stylish Curves herself, were all together for a style symposium hosted by Just My Size.  So before they made their way to dinner, I made my way to their hotel where we chatted and had a love fest.  It was just an awesome experience to be in the company of these positive curvy role models.  And feeding off their energy just inspires and motivates me.

So this group of women is really like a great bra.  Their support makes me look good and I look forward to a relationship where I do the same for them.

Peace & Fashion!

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