Monday, July 12, 2010

Taking A Minute For Me

After this weekend, it's time for me to take a moment to recharge.  So I am hightailin' it to Maryland for a few days to hang with my boyfriend's daughter and her family.  But before I go, I am gonna fill you in on all the happenings in my world.  As you know, last week my Communications Director released a teaser for our upcoming September launch titled "Have You Heard About Wilbur?".  Using Diana Ross's classic I'm Coming Out as background music, we received some positive responses from many of you.  But we need all of you to get as excited as we are about this new venture and just start "biggin' us up", as they say in the 'hood, to all your friends.  I'm sure we each have a friend who happens to be a full-figured woman who we know can certainly benefit from wearing one of my fab dresses.  So tell her about me.

On Friday, Ashanti and I attended the opening night Meet & Greet of the Young, Fat, & Fabulous Bloggers Conference at Re/Dress boutique in Brooklyn where we met the faces behind some of the most influential blogs having to do with body confidence and fashion & beauty for the curvy fashionista. Alli McG, the supermodel, accompanied us wearing the premier look from the upcoming spring 2011 collection.  We were received with warmth and adulation by all the attendees who remarked that the dress I had conceived was awesome.   If we can continue this kind of momentum with retailers, then, who knows, I may be able to finally quit my job at the plantation.

On Saturday, I started my day as a guest on a radio program on  My friend, Marcia, made an introduction to Muriella whose show Muriella's Corner is about changing the narrative.  And she thought it was important to have me as a guest since my mission is to remove the stigma of ugly plus size clothing by creating wearable, classic, and modern dresses for the full-figured woman.  If you missed it, you can still catch it if you click on Changing the Narrartive.  Immediately following the broadcast, my team began to arrive for a photo shoot for the follow-up to the "Have You Heard About Wilbur?" video teaser with my sister-in-law driving up from Maryland to do the behind-the-camera honors. It was an awesome experience with all the ladies involved looking magazine cover ready.  My new make-up artist, Lakia McCoy, is beyond talented and really worked the ladies faces as if she was completing works of art. And she was.  Once the images have been selected they will be released for all of you to become witnesses to the magic of fashion.

On Sunday, Ashanti, Alli McG, and I were once again in the throes of another fashion happening as our friend Dhylles launched her new venture called Katwalk Katerers.  At a chic little spot down on the lower east side in Manhattan, we watched as she presented an informal runway presentation (with Alli McG donning my dress for the 3rd day in a row) and announced that she would be more democratic with her approach to fashion by including models no matter what their size or height in her cavalcade of  upcoming events.  I think this will be empowering for all those men and women who feel that they've been ignored by mainstream agencies.  I wish her much success and prosperity.

So now you know why my tank is on E.  And I am happy to get away.  I'll be back in a few days, but until then let's keep on movin' up to a place of fulfillment and enlightenment.

Peace & Fashion!

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