Friday, July 23, 2010

The Roof Is On Fire!

It's been hot as hell!  At least that's what some have reported back to me after their visit to the fiery depths.  But the heat cannot impede my progress with the collection.  I've gotten a ton of advance praise for my aesthetic from my fellow bloggers who represent the curvy customer.  And I am so pleased.  I will admit that it feels a little strange to go from a fashion community that virtually ignores me to a tight-knit club who reveres my work.  But I ain't complaining.  I really appreciate it, ladies!  Thank you.  One issue that has remained constant, however, is how my business partners and I are always on the hunt for valid and creative ways to finance our endeavor.  It is quite a challenge.  And I know I am only speaking to the choir because all of us are faced with a similar conundrum.  This time, though, the universe has spoken and there is a demand for what I do.  Unlike any other time, women are more interested in learning how they can find the dresses for purchase instead of just congratulating me saying, "That's pretty."  A few weeks ago, I had a phone conversation with my milliner friend, OH, and my sister-in-law who is such a gifted photographer.  I was telling them that I think the secret to financial success is to stop obsessing about money or in our cases the lack of it.  We should just release it as an issue and not worry about it.  If we can focus on the joy that our craft brings and just continue to look for new ways to express our creativity, then I think the dollars will come.  Listen, I heard it on Oprah and she's got a little stash, so it must be the gospel.  So I am taking her advice.  And it's not just her.  It's a lesson that is hard learned, so it is a message that I read or hear from other successful people.  And I just need to live it.  I was born a winner.  I feel it in my soul.  And I know that all of you are winners, too.  Now that's what's up!  Check out some of the notices that we've gotten from some of my blogging divas by clicking on the following links:  The Curvy Fashionista, The Fat Apple, Madison Plus, The Fat Shopaholic, and The Bohemian Diva

Peace & Fashion!


  1. thank you for the kudos, B.I.L!

  2. Awesome Bro & thanks for the reminder!!! Love ya to pieces & whole again.