Saturday, February 2, 2013

Beyonce & Beyond

I am not much of a football fan.  Yet there I was face-to-face with my mother's Samsung flat screen watching the Giants win last year's SuperBowl.  GO NEW YORK!  I will admit, too, that I was initially more excited to see Madonna during the halftime spectacle.  And Ms. Strike A Pose did not disappoint.  This year, without New York in the finals, I was more than a little crestfallen.  But then I learned that Beyonce (first name will do, thank you very much.) would be performing.  I can't say anything that has not been said about the sistah.  Her accomplishments really speak for themselves.  She is Bad To The BONE!
Beyonce in GQ magazine

And that is why I was so baffled by the Inauguration lipsync flap.  What Gives???  When I first noticed the headlines, all I could think was, "What The H*ll?!"  Anybody who can hear, knows Beyonce can SANG.  I thought the clamor would die down and I was completely satisfied when she wouldn't even address the tidal wave of negativity.  I even admitted to my sister, "I'm so happy she's ignoring all the BS."  But then, at the SuperBowl press conference, Beyonce asked the assembled reporters to stand as she flawlessly sang an acapella rendition of the national anthem.  I was really annoyed.  How dare anybody question Bey's talents?  After the last note was uttered, the songstress asked, "Any questions?"  With grace and humility, the goddess quieted the noise of the naysayers.  I think the lesson is that no matter how large you get, sometimes you must do things that require you to swallow your pride.

Now I am so pumped to see a lot of BOOTYLICIOUS, GET ME BODIED sounds and Sasha Fierce dance moves.  Let 'er rip, Beyonce!  I'll be cheering you on.

Peace & Fashion!

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